Avoiding Paperwork?

We can help!

Avoiding Paperwork?

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We can help!

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Based in Nanaimo, we serve businesses and individuals across Alberta and British Columbia.  No matter where you are located, we have the accurate and efficient bookkeeping and accounting solutions for you.

Bookkeeping Services

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We offer several accounting program options to suit your needs or will happily learn yours.  Stop spending your time locked in an office drowning in paperwork and receipts.  Let us take the struggle out of account keeping.


Our services are available whenever and wherever you need.  We can come to you in person, remotely login to your system through a secure connection, or work from our office.

About JCL

There are two mindsets about bookkeeping.

“I have to do this to file my GST and taxes,” and “I want to know how my business is doing and how to make it better.”  

We have the experience to help you with both!

By efficiently and methodically organizing your receipts and bills, we provide you with accurate, up to date financial information to allow you to focus on your business.

About Christine

Over the years, I have found that many clients do not like dealing with organizing and keeping track of receipts and bills, so I encourage them to use “shoebox bookkeeping.”

Put a shoebox by the door. 

Empty pockets, wallets, and vehicles of receipts.  Put them into the shoebox.

Open the mail, pay the bills.  Put them into the shoebox.

Receipts, bills, and statements are all there, in semi chronological order, ready for me to organize.

 Easy, stress free and no scrounging for missing paperwork.

Our Clients

We bring a wealth of financial and technical knowledge from working with over 30 different industries which we can adapt to your business or situation. 

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